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Personal Protection Equipment Introduction:

Personal protection equipment Is utilized to deal with external and hazardous factors.
The more people’s awareness of safety and health will be; the potential of hazards is drastically reduced.
Appropriate safety measurement gives us a possibility to control the environmental hazards and reduce the risk of hazards to minimum.
Besides making right choices of safety equipment and utilizing them properly and at an appropriate time can make the environment much safer for us.
In all industries and manufacturing activities individuals’ safety is prioritized.
Most people may encounter hazardous incidents due to lack of sufficient information.
Therefore, utilizing the Personal Protection Equipment Can be an appropriate solution to deal with environmental hazards.

Following GP ‘s missions and strategic intentions, GP Promises to introduce efficient and new products in order to protect human workforce from potential hazards with all its power .and also introduces you the best, given its sufficient recognition and specialized information.

Our Clients in this domain are as follow:

All the industries and centers which use human workforce in the process of production and manufacturing or a large number of physical activities can be seen in their workplace such as:

  • mining industries
  • drilling industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power plant
  • Oil rigs
  • Gas Refinery
  • Mines
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Drilling
  • Industrial factories (steel, cement and…)
  • Laboratory

Some brands in this domain are as follow:

  • BW
  • MSA
  • UVEX
  • Rosenbauer