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Introducing Ganjineh Pavan Company

Ganjineh Pavan Company, backed by years of experience, is authorized by the Tehran Province Fire Department to offer consultancy, engineering, procurement, training, installation, and maintenance services for national projects involving fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing, and personal protective equipment, as well as F&G gas and fire monitoring systems.

Ganjineh Pavan Services


Considering the latest technology, the best, optimized solutions and brands will be provided at the least cost.


Your project will be designed, engineered and optimized by well experienced engineers in GP in the least time .at the least cost and with the highest competency.

Procurement & Supply

We are able to supply the most updated equipment, directly from the manufacturers with regard to the key elements of time and price.


Utilizing a system demands training carried out by our company. we will train to make the most out of your system.

Testing and Commissioning

T&C makes a significant contribution to find out a well functioned system which needs to be realized by the customers.

Installation & Erection

The function and life span of a system is in direct relation to the correct way of installation which should be taken into consideration. Your projects will be set up by our highly qualified and certified technicians and experts in regards to the related standards of your projects.

Customer Support

One of the most crucial factors to make a company dominant is after sale services. You can count on our support for 5 years per project delivery.


Daily, weekly, monthly and annually testing is highly needed to experience and maintain a system safe. Carrying out a periodical test and supplanting damaged services are compulsory based on NFPA.

EPC contractor

We accompany you in your EPC contracts.

Why Choose Ganjineh Pavan

At Ganjineh Pavan, we're dedicated to redefining the perception and interaction with our products through continuous innovation.

High Tech Products

We offer the most advanced and high-quality products available in the market.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to achieve your complete satisfaction throughout all phases of the project.


We ensure full transparency by keeping you informed about all aspects and procedures of the project.

Flexible Solutions

We provide flexible solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.

Key Features of Ganjineh Pavan

Research & Development

Our aim is to continuously explore and develop the finest solutions in the field.

New Technologies

We are committed to adopting the latest and most advanced technologies.

Continuous Learning

We believe in perpetual learning to achieve ongoing improvement.

High Performance

Our projects are executed by a team of highly experienced, qualified, and expert professionals in their respective domains.



Ganjineh Pavan (GP) takes pride in offering high-quality products that incorporate the latest technology, all at the most affordable costs. We are dedicated to providing the best and most suitable services to our customers.

Fire Fighting SYSTEM

Ganjineh Pavan (GP) is equipped to design, supply, and install the highest quality fire fighting systems with high Safety Integrity Level (SIL). We take pride in designing and implementing systems that come with a one-year guarantee and five years of after-sales service.

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protection equipment is essential for safeguarding against external and hazardous factors. Ganjineh Pavan offers the best solutions, leveraging our extensive expertise and specialized knowledge in the field.


Ganjineh Pavan is prepared to design, supply, and install top-tier F&G (Fire and Gas) systems with high Safety Integrity Levels (SIL). We are proud to offer systems designed and operated with a one-year guarantee and five years of after-sales service (depend on customer requirements).


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