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Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting System

This system can be divided in three categories, non-aromatic, automatic systems and Firefighting equipment’s.
Non-automatic systems are Wet chemical agents, dry chemical agents and CO Cylinder.

Automatic fire suppression system can be divided to 4 sub categories: water suppression like sprinklers, Spray Nozzle and water mist, Gases Suppression system like FM200, Halons and aerosols and Inert gas such as IG55, and Foam Suppression Systems.

Firefighting Equipment’s are our last category that Nozzles, Monitors, Fireboxes, Valves,  .. belong to this category.

    • Fire Fighting System:

    • Fire Fighting equipment
      • Hydrant-Monitor-Hose Box-Hose Reel
      • Fire Hose-Nozzle-Coupling
    • Fire Extinguisher
      • Water Extinguisher
      • Chemical Powder Extinguisher
      • Foam Extinguisher-C02 Extinguisher
    • Automatic Fire Fighting System
      • Foam System
        • Foam Spray Nozzle-Foam Nozzle
        • Foam Indicator-Foam Maker- Foam
        • Foam Chamber- Foam Purer
        • Foam Dosing System-Bladder Tank
      • Water System
        • Spray Nozzle-Sprinkler- Fusible Plug
        • Deluge Valve-Alarm Check Valve-
        • Post Plate Valve-Post Indicator Valve

• Gas system

        • HFC -227ea (FM200)- CO-2 Inert Gas-
          Aerosol-Novec 1230

• Zone Assembly