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Fire & Gas System Introduction:

This system is incredibly advanced and is mostly used in industrial projects such as petrochemical, refineries, power plants, and industrial factories due to its high cost and specialized devices. These systems are consisting of a fire alarm control panel, flame detector, gas detector, smoke detector, heat detector, and Multi Detectors (Heat and Smoke) which Alert fire with alarm annunciators such as Bells, audio, and visual alarm.

F&G systems usually are used in high-risk environments, in other words, it can be installed in places which are considered as a hazardous area. Areas that are covered by the F &G system are called the zone. different parts of the system based on the possibility of explosion danger are named Z1, Z2, Z3.

One of the greatest advantages of the F&G system is that this system alerts you in the shortest time with the highest assurance.

At the present GP is ready to design, provide, and install the best systems with high SIL (Safety Integrate level) based on your expectations and based on the risk of your workplace.

GP has played a significant role as an EPC company in this area and our goal is to present decent and desirable services to its client. We aim to provide the best and highest quality products with the compatible price in the least time.

Major activities of GP in the field of F&G system are as follow:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power plant
  • Oil platforms
  • Gas Refinery
  • Mines
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Drilling
  • Industrial factories (steel, cement, and…)

GP is honored to design and run systems with one year guarantee and 5 years of after-sale service.

Popular brands titles and prominent of GP CO

  • Honeywell
  • MSA
  • Scame System
  • Draeger
  • Spectrex
  • Crowcon
  • TYCO
  • Simtronics
  • General Monitors
  • Net Safety
  • MEDC
  • E2S
  • Kromamec
  • Cooper
  • Fenwal