Our Services:

Our Services:


In today’s world, the importance of using expert consultation service is a crucial and substantial factor for the development of each business. However, as to the domain of security and safety systems, consultation must be done according to scientific support, practical experience, proficiency and expertise which is rarely seen these days. Fortunately, GP is honored to point out that numerous attempts have been done to prove unlike this fact and such as pavan’s meaning, we should protect the services given to you. This company makes an Endeavor to provide expert consultation services, which is a major mission of this company, regarding to its strategic plans and customers’ demands and the society’s target.


Like any reliable organization, GP’s role and mission are established based on proficiency, expertise, experience and commitment.GP makes an effort, by relying on these features, to design, engineer and optimize your projects with the most power, in the least time and at the least cost.
GP CO, which enjoys a proficient and expert team, is intended to meet customers’ demands in the best means, provide the best service and take fundamental measures in the best way which is our ultimate mission.


Another service of GP is to notice available opportunities in the society which means fundamental demands of customers are initially identified by a well experienced team, then prepared and provided in the least time and at the least probable cost. Thanks to the latest systems and equipment from main producers and manufacturers. At last customers are provided with what they seek for.
The major factor for GP in the domain of procurement and supply is considering more importantly the quality of products and we make an effort, based on organizational strategies, to have more detailed plans compared to before, so that we can satisfy our customers ‘expectations more and more.


Safety system is installed due to environmental control and protection, so that we can have a safe environment. Although these are high quality and the most up-to-date systems, they can’t function properly without proper installation.
GP tries to install your projects in the least time and based on necessary standards in addition to providing and introducing high _quality products. Application and life span of a system is in direct relation to proper installation which should be taken into consideration .GP accompanies you to receive the service with the highest quality and in the Quickest way.


What makes a substantial and significant  contribution in using security and safety system is a process before commissioning .therefore, lack of attention to this point may cause dangers and irreparable damages, Which is why identification ,planning ,control and preventing irreparable consequences of all potential hazards are essential considered intentions of GP .All the particular safety measures for testing and measuring have been taken and we will be by your side to prevent any dangers and probable damages.


Utilizing a system demands correct, on time and proper training .by relying on these training we are able to know safety rules. Those of machines and equipment will be enhanced by enforcing them. It is indeed that training is an endless (everlasting)and constant process. therefore, GP is here to train you how to use the best out of these systems.


After sale service is highly noticed in GP in order to promote customer’s satisfaction in addition to providing high _quality products.
In this way GP can show its loyalty to its highly respected customers.
Besides, by following and assessing the users ‘viewpoints intends to increase its validity.
We set out to take worthwhile measures in the domains of after sale service by understanding our customers’ expectations, prioritizing their demands, commitment to provide high quality services and measuring customer’s satisfaction. we will accompany you in this way at least for 5 consecutive years.


Each system needs maintenance and when it is needed repair to serve the best function.
Lack of attention to this crucial issue causes decrease in useful lifespan of equipment, An increase in potential hazards and dangers, A decline in reliability and safety factor, waste of time and money. In order to prevent such consequences, the importance of attention to protection, maintenance and mending equipment and systems to increase the useful lifespan of equipment and optimum enjoyment of capability must be taken into consideration. Each system may need weekly, monthly and annually maintenance, which is why GP wishes you the most and the best safety also we will be by your side every single moment.


As the society is moving toward industrialization and consequently occurrence of safety problems got more and more. we need to make plans accurately and utilize standard systems, in order to organize decrease in potential hazards, preventing equipment from damaging and upsetting the ecosystem.
Following GP ‘s missions and organizational intentions, we help you choose and purchase the best product. besides, we will be by your side in production and manufacturing systems and safety equipment by relying on power, knowledge and the latest science .GP will be by your side and participate in your EPC contracts.


Our Expert in Ganjineh Pavan have set up an initiative in the area of oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants, refinery and other industries to honor industrial community in order to shift from traditional market to modern market. In this path we implement and run qpket website as a respond to industrial society needs.

Our team has created a system to exchange fire and safety equipment with the help of Technical experts, R&D team and design of engineer. This system is online, and many qualities such as being the first and comprehensive directory in fire and safety field, ability of technical specification and comparison between imported and produced equipment has made it very unique.

qpket is also the only provider of online technical offer in the world and this facility has gathered main supplier and producers and all these factors confirm that qpket is the first modern and specialized website for Fire & Safety equipment.

On the other hand, due to eliminating brokers and direct relationship with all supplier and producer that led to competitive environment can provide you the best offer with best price.