Human lives in a world which is continuously changing. change is a necessary and inseparable part of life. People’s responses will be different to various changes Although all changes can have various positive and negative aspects, we shouldn’t forget that changes are required for growth and prosperity. The desire to change, growth and progress has existed in people’s instinct. But only a few number of serious and persistent people take steps to the world of transformation and sometimes think about changes beyond their own world. Many of them imagine to transform the world to a better world to live and first and foremost they are thinking of international community development in addition to personal development by relying on knowledge, experience, expertise, proficiency and the latest technology in order to improve the quality of human life. These change factors will take the future to conquered their power and will by relying on their precious beliefs.
In this way human beings’ capabilities are ultimately represented and they will climb a peak which is a sign of merit and authority.

GP highly believes in such beliefs and tries to take steps in a way that can enhance the honors of Iran more and more, partly by enjoying expertise, experience and abilities a proficiency of young managers, partly by commitment which is felt to our country, Iran (our dear homeland).
GP, in its mission which is nothing but commitment, is honored to present the best products and services in the least time and with the best results. It takes steps to change into the most expert company in the domain of Fire Alarm Systems(FAS), Firefighting Systems(FES), Safety and Fire Detection and by relying on the latest technology and knowledge take measures to lead a secure life.

Ganjineh Pavan CO

Is honored to act in the domains of Fire Alarm Systems(FAS), Fire Extinguisher System (FES), F&G System, Emergency Shut Down (ESD),Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Instrument activated on EPC Contractor
Our main Clients are governmental organizations including oil, gas, petrochemical, military, power plant, mines, drilling, oil rigs, automobile manufacturing, commercial centers, hospitals, industrial factories such as steel and cement.

Some of the major intentions of GP ARE as follow:

  • commitment to satisfy customers expectations and promote their satisfaction
  • constant improvement and promotion of human resource productivity
  • presenting expert consultation services.

GP CO is intended to serve precious services to you by relying on God and ever-increasing effort of managers and expert and proficient staffs in the domains of consultancy, design, manufacturing, providing, equipment, sale, maintenance with constant monitoring in domestic and foreign market. we do our best to serve you the best service.