The basic principles of fire protection and safety, such as choosing the right type of extinguisher and fire emergency exit, usually remain the same over time. But technological advances help make fighting fires much easier and more effective. In the last few years, there have been many advancements in the firefighting and fire protection industry. In this article, from Ganjineh Pavan’s blog, we discuss 4 new technologies of fire extinguishing and fire safety.

New fire extinguishing technology with sound waves

This new acoustic extinguisher technology was invented in 2015 by two engineering students at George Mason University. This prototype capsule can use sound waves to successfully extinguish a fire.

Inventors testing sonic fire extinguishing
Inventors testing sonic fire extinguishing

The way this new firefighting technology works is that it extinguishes the fire without the use of chemicals and water, and only by separating the burning fuel from oxygen. The bottom line is that sound waves are also “pressure waves and displace some of the oxygen” as they travel through the air. Oxygen, which we all remember from high school chemistry, forms a major side of the fire triangle, along with heat and fuel, fuelling a fire. At a certain frequency, the sound waves separate the oxygen from the fuel. In this way, the fire is extinguished by separating the oxygen from the fuel.

Advantages of new acoustic fire extinguishing technology

This acoustic fire suppression system offers a non-destructive option for small fires and is ideal for use in homes. However, the idea of ​​this new fire extinguishing technology has attracted so much attention that its inventors are trying to develop this system to extinguish large fires. Imagine if drones equipped with sound waves could extinguish a burning building. In this way, you can keep the firefighters in complete safety. Also, in this method, you don’t have to use toxic chemicals that are currently in fire extinguishers. Or, for example, an acoustic extinguisher, if developed to prevent forest fires, could make a big difference in this field.

Water mist fire protection solutions

Traditional fire sprinkler systems, also known as fire sprinkler systems, use large droplets of water to extinguish the fire. New sprinkler or water mist firefighting technology has optimized this idea by creating a mist of smaller droplets to create more of them.

In the misting system, instead of large drops of water, a dust of smaller drops is used.
In the misting system, instead of large drops of water, a dust of smaller drops is used.

Water mist systems are a versatile and highly efficient fire protection solution. These systems feature unique nozzles that are designed and tested to help protect against a wide range of fire hazards. The mist produced by the system, depending on the protected space, can extinguish the fire or limit its growth in its early stages.

The production of water mist in this fire extinguishing system causes a larger surface to be created to convert water into steam and absorb more heat from the flames. In this way, the overall temperature of the fire is reduced and finally extinguished at a much faster rate than spraying larger water droplets.

Effective factors in the performance of the new mist fire extinguishing technology

  • Water misting spray quality
  • water pressure
  • Droplet size distribution
  • flux density
  • Spray dynamics (e.g., droplet velocity)
  • Type of water mist system
  • The distance between the sprinkler head and the spray
  • The size and characteristics of the protected space

The new firefighting technology of fog sprinklers also reduces the fire extinguishing time. It also minimizes the environmental degradation of water.

This smoke detection system detects smoke using a video image.
This smoke detection system detects smoke using a video image.

What are the advantages of using the VISD system?

  • Monitor large spaces
  • Very fast detection method
  • It allows for more accurate situational awareness.
  • Allows continuous video recording and analysis of events in the desired area.
  • Ability to distinguish between different types of smoke
  • You can program the system to ignore certain areas to avoid annoying alerts.

Most of the new technology video fire suppression systems on the market use a CPU-type arrangement. Which uses standard digital video cameras networked together in groups. Digital images from cameras enter the computer. And there it is determined whether the images have visible signs of fire or not. If the computers conclude that there is a visual indication of smoke or fire, the information is sent to the fire alarm system.

New customized fire alarm navigation

It is clear that voice alarms and evacuation systems are more than just fire alarms. For any organization, however small or large, the lives of employees are more important than the business. Employees are attracted to a work environment that is free from injuries and accidents. Employees are happier and more productive in such conditions. For this reason, it is the primary duty of an employer to ensure the safety of employees. Sound evacuation systems play an important role in ensuring workplace safety.

Each fire has unique characteristics according to the circumstances of its occurrence. New fire alarm and evacuation systems take this into account by using information obtained from fire protection systems.

New customized fire alarm technology
New customized fire alarm technology

This means that instead of an alarm signal regardless of the dimensions and characteristics of the fire, the alarm system provides audio instructions that are customized for the location and conditions of the fire. To take the most effective measures possible to extinguish the fire and save people.

In case of fire, it is not possible to completely evacuate a building. In such a situation, the regional evacuation of residents is used to carry out the ordered evacuation of floors or areas inside the building. The new audio evacuation technology can play an active role in successfully completing the evacuation of residents by providing appropriate guidance for each specific area or location.

Last word

Fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems are also improved in accordance with the daily technological advances in different dimensions. Every technological advancement is a new step towards optimizing fire protection and fire safety systems.

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